CutCut ® wrap foil

CutCut® fits standard roll sizes, and more..
4 cm > Roll inner diameter > 2cm
Roll external Diameter < 5,5 cm
Roll width ( L max ) < 31 cm
CutCut® Dispensers are compatible with common wrap foil , as you can find in most shops , super-markets, or distributors.
Wrap foil is also named : Stretch foil, or Cling film in the UK,
The foil thickens range usual between : 8 microns – to 20 microns
Foil materials can be : PE, HDPE, …. etc.

We offer Wrap Foil under our trade name:
CutCut® Plastic Wrap rolls are made of HDPE material, which is the best quality material for insulation, grip and stretching.
The foil can be used in the microwave to cover plates and pots and to prevent the microwave from getting dirty while heating food.
The standard size CutCut® Plastic Wrap roll has the following dimensions:
– Thickness: 8-10 microns (to provide grip and to stop tightening when stretched)
– Length: 100m (longer than film rolls from other suppliers)
– Ext Diam: 5 cm, Int Diameter = 3 cm

  Roll size S ( L max )= 30 cm




Roll size M ( Lmax )= 37 cm




Roll size L ( L max )= 45 cm