CUTCUT 30 R Dispenser (RED)

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CUTCUT 30 R Plastic Foil Dispenser. Color : RED,
unroll and cut:  plastic foil, wrap foil, cling film, stretch film  in 3 alternative methods: 1) in the hand , by simply angling the device, 2) on the table or 3) on an shelf.
Easy and with minimum effort.

2 Years Warranty ( transport not included for replaced device or parts  )


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Product Description


CUTCUT dimensions: 36 cm x 12 cm x 5,5 cm
Foil  can be : cling film , wrap foil, stretch film,
Foil materials : PE, HOPE, …. etc.
The dimensions of wrap Rolls to be used with CutCut dispensers are :
– Maximum external diameter (roll with foil )  De = 5,5 cm
– Minimum internal diameter (carton roll) Di = 2 cm ,
– Maximum internal diameter (carton roll) Di = 4 cm
– Maximum length of the Roll –  L max = 31 cm (for CutCut® 30 )Foil Roll Dim 300


I wrap foil roll : 50 m x 30 cm , included .

CutCut® – Something was missing before ®
Food preservation, extending the shelf life of food while maintaining as much as possible of its nutritional quality are some of the benefits of using plastic wrap / wrap foil. And now wrap foil is  easier to unroll and cut with the CutCut® plastic wrap dispenser.


Packed in a cartoon box.

Invention_Wrap_Foil_Dispenser_ 2


CutCut Packed


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