Shelf and Holder

The Cut-Cut®  device can be installed on a shelf on the wall. You can either use an existing shelf or install a new special shelf and holder. On the shelf you can instal a latch 12 , included in the package of the CutCut® . The CutCut® device has 2 holes on the bottom which can be placed over the latch , so it can be fixed in place more securely  when you grab the foil.

The CutCut®The Shelf and Holder holds the CutCut® device and also another roll of paper or aluminum.

Under the shelf there is a aluminum rod which can be very easy removed and placed back with a roll of paper or aluminum on it. On the aluminum rod can be placed hooks or other hanging devices. The CutCut Holder has already installed on them a latch in order to provide a better positioning and fixing of the CutCut® dispenser on it.

Self and Holder dimensions: :   37 cm x 13 cm x 7 cm Material : ABS , same color as the CutCut® dispenser.