Radu Filipescu

Radu Filipescu

Inventor of the CutCut ® device and of the Parrot Clip and test leads (USA Patent 5,457,392, European Patent: 0563234), winner of the Gold Medal at the Eureka World Fair of Inventions in Brussels,  Parrot Invent owner and CEO is Radu Filipescu.  .

Radu Filipescu ( Wikipedia ) was also dissident and Political Prisoner during the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu:
–  May 1983- : Arrested and awarded 10 years imprisonment for making the first invention  – Leaflets against  the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu:
–  December 1984: Nominated for “Prisoner of the Month” by Amnesty International in a campaign to release political prisoners from Eastern European countries.
– 18 April 1986: Released thanks to the efforts of non-governmental organizations “Amnesty International” ,  “Ligue pour Droit de l’Homme” , ” Le Pave ” – high school students from Geneva, the radio stations “Free Europe” ,  “Voice of America” ,, after almost three years of detention in prisons in Rahova, Jilava and Aiud.
– 12 December 1987: Arrested for attempting to organise a referendum on the leadership of Ceausescu. Violently interrogated by the State Security Service for Criminal Investigations. Released on 22 December 1987 due to protests from international human rights organizations.
– Arrested a third time on 22 December 1989 and released later the same day.

Civic and Political Activities:
– Founding member of the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS)
– Founding member of APADOR – CH
– Recipient of the FREEDOM Prize from the Poul Lauritzen Foundation (Denmark)
– Got a “high 5” from President Clinton during his visit to Romania in July 1997.
– Chairman of GDS (1998-2012)
– President of the Association of Revolutionaries Without Privileges (ARFP)

Geneva Gold Medal award for the CUTCUT dispenser invention of Radiu Filipescu

Geneva Gold Medal award for the CUTCUT dispenser invention of Radu Filipescu

– Graduated  the Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty  Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest 1974-1979.
– Founder and shareholder of Parrot Invent Srl.(Ltd.)