Install plastic wrap rolls on CutCut®

Unroll the end of the foil and place it under the two metal rods. ( photos on the right side ) This procedure is easier if you use your hand to form a ‘tip’ with the foil. Then pull the foil with your fingers. If the foil roll gets stuck, repeat the process by removing the roll support, forming another tip and reintroducing it under the metal rods .
Removing an old foil roll and Installing a new one on the CutCut® device is very easy.( photos down on the page  ) The old foil roll is to be removed  from the rotating support with cones and the new roll has then to be installed on the rotating support.
The rotating support is then put on the plate of the CutCut device.
The rotating support has  two cones with holes on their axes moving with high friction on an aluminum rod .
Remove the metal rod with 2 cones from the CutCut® device .
Then remove one cone from the rod. 
Take out the old foil roll and put the rod inside the new roll.
Then add the removed cone to one end of the rod .
Fix the foil roll between the two cones .The foil roll is fixed on the rotating suport.
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