Brackets with Detachable rod

Brackets with detachable rods

The U-U Brackets are made to support a rod . The rod is easy to attach and then easy to detach. The CUTCUT  U-U Brackets include a Right U Bracket and a Left U Bracket. Is possible to include also one ore more  Middle U Brackets and 2 rods or more rods can be attached in a row. The U-U Brackets can be fixed  under a plate and such  a shelf is a very functional

 2U Brackets – 2 Transparent Brackets ( right + left  ) for a shelf with a detachable rod. UM -Bracket – 1 Middle transparent Bracket + 2U Brackets -for a shelf with 2 rods . Advantages: 1)  CutCut U-U Brackets  for fixing on a wall of shelves with a plate and one or two or more stainless steel rods  ( 2 U Brackets + 1 rod , or 2U Brackets + 1 UM Bracket + 2 rods , or 2U Bracket + xUM Bracket + x rods , etc ) 2) The rods are made of stainless steel cylindrical tubes , of 8 mm diameter. The rods are very resistant , are easy to attach and easy to detach. Is easy to instal on them paper or alluminium rods, hooks and manuy othe thiks and devices. 3) The brackets are transparent , and so very discreet and can adapt very easy to many sorts of wall or furniture colors and  materials .

4) The Brakets can be fixed at different distances . Rods can be cut to adjust at the requested distances.

5) The CUTCUT U-U system with detachable rods are best to replace fixed rods  used ond offered for kitchens .

6) The U-U Brackets have a new function as they can be fixed under wall closets to hold one ore mny detachable rods. By this mean many thinks and devices can put or  hanger under the wall closet. This is very useful in the kitchen ware paper or aluminum rolls can be attached and detached easily. The fixing can be made with screws.

7)  The U-U Brackets can be fixed on vertical wall or on a vertical furniture and again a rod can be easily attached and detached.

8) The CUTCUT U-U Brackets are made of polycarbonate and so very resistant.

Consola-Dreapta-CutCutConsola-Stanga-CutCutConsola-Mijloc-CutCutDetachable-rod-460 Brackets-wall-closets-assembling Packed-Right-Left-BracketsConsola-Mijloc-CutCut-Ambalat