Brackets & Shelves

U-U Shelves , Holders & Brackets

New patent pending shelf & holder invention made with 2 transparent brackets.  The transparent U-U brackets harmonize with the color of  the wall and also with the color of the shelves plate. The brackets can to hold heavy objects on the shelf . Under the shelf , a detachable stainless steel rod  is attached on 2 innovative transparent backets with U holders. You can use the CutCut® dispenser on a common shelf , or you can use the new U-U shelves.

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U-U Brackets are transparent and so they match both any color of the wall and any color of the shelf.

Kitchen shelf with paper and alluminium rolls holder
The U-U Brackets can be fixed  under a plate and have a very functional shelf with a detachable rod.

The shelf with mobile rod replaces fix rails used in the kitchen,  doubling the number of objects to be hold and allowing easy removal of objects as a paper roll.

Kitchen shelfBathroom shelf

The rod is easy to attach and then easy to detach. The U-U Brackets include a Right and a Left U Bracket. Is possible to include also one or more Middle U brackets and rods can be attached in a row.

The U-U brackets with detachable rail can be fixed also under wall cabinets.

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Brackets & Shelves with detachable rodBrackets & Shelves assembling