Cut wrap foil by angling CutCut®

Move the cutter by angling CutCut®

1) The CutCut ® device is held by the back wall in one hand.

2) Position the blade at one end of the plate, unrolling the foil and keeping it stretched with the other hand.

3) Place the foil over the object to be packed.

4) Stretch the wrap foil:  Keep one finger of one hand  on the roll ( yelow arrow 1) , and with the other hand ( yellow arrow 2) keep the foil stretched.

5) Check that the cling film has no creases over the channel.

6) Angle the device so that the blade slides along the guiding rod and cuts the foil. If movement is hampered by the foil, carefully stretch the film again with the other hand. How to angel cut wrap foil 1A








How to angel cut wrap foil 2








How to angel cut wrap foil 4